Your BJJ journey is not the Karate Kid, but you will benefit from having someone with more experience taking an interest in your jiu-jitsu.

The most important thing in getting yourself a mentor at your club is this: Don't ask straight out, that's weird. Instead get a Stealth Mentor. In this type of mentorship, they may not even know that they're mentoring you.

The most important part of finding a mentor is to pick a higher belt that is already friendly with you. Indications that they're friendly are that they don't refuse to roll with you, they don't go 100% with you when you roll, they get very close to remembering your name. The next most important thing is that they have a game that you like and would like to play. The compatible game point is not super important because when you're a beginner, an experienced higher level practitioner will still know more about every single position than you, even if they don't play those positions a lot.

There are two ways to initiate the stealth mentorship. The simplest way is after you roll with them, to ask for advice or tips. If the person is open to helping you, it'll become clear. However not ever person at the gym wants to invest time in other people's jiu-jitsu, they may be busy, or not a nice person etc.

The second way is to ask them for help developing a move or position that they play often. For example if every roll they have, they go straight to single leg X, after class tell them that you'd like to develop your single leg X and that they seem to be really good at it, what tips could they give you? This second way will have a higher chance of successfully developing a relationship, because you are making it much easier for them:

  1. You're complimenting their game.
  2. You're not asking a broad question, like "How can I get better at jiu-jitsu? 🙃"
  3. You're asking them to talk about a position they have experience of and are good at, offering advice to you should come naturally to them.

So now you don't need Corner Me, but if you ever do need a seriously top level mentor, then you know where to find one.