How Challenge Coin Pricing Quotes Are Determined

Military challenge coins are given to unit members to build morale and prove membership in case of an emergency. They also can be given to commemorate a special event. Beyond the initial production costs, a coin’s value is determined by various factors. Some of these include the following.


A challenge coin is a small medallion that features an organization’s logo or emblem and is carried by its members. It is usually round and may have enamel paint added to create uniqueness in its design. Traditionally, challenge coins are issued by military units to their members in recognition of their achievements or service to the country. They can also be a great way to build morale and team spirit among employees or volunteers in a business or club. In recent years, the challenge coin tradition has expanded outside of the military to include first responders, schools and alumni groups.

It is also a popular way to recognize and reward employees for performing above and beyond. Many organizations have begun using them in place of business cards to promote brand awareness and foster a sense of camaraderie between employees or members. While challenge coins have a long history, their exact origins have yet to be discovered. However, one popular apocryphal story links them to World War I. Supposedly, an Army Air Service lieutenant had bronze medallions made for his squadron on a whim. When his aircraft was shot down over Germany, he used the coin to prove that he was an American and not a spy.


Challenge coins are a unique and modern award used by many companies, organizations and military units. They are a great way to foster a sense of camaraderie and can also be used as a unique form of identification. They are also much cheaper than trophies, and they can be used to show support for a certain cause or event. The custom challenge coins pricing quotes vary depending on the design and other features. Please let me know if you can get this update made. If you are unable to make this update please just let me know. No further action is needed.

Finally, the amount of coins ordered will affect the final price because creating a mold for each coin takes time and money. Another factor that will affect the pricing is the packaging. While minimal packaging is the cheapest option, some people want to go above and beyond and opt for more ornate bags to present their challenge coins. This can also significantly impact the price per coin because it’s an additional expense that isn’t always considered when ordering challenge coins. However, it is a great way to add a personal touch to each challenge coin and make it more memorable for recipients.


Depending on the metal type used to create a challenge coin, its initial production cost can vary. This factor can also increase or decrease a coin’s overall market value. For example, a gold-plated challenge coin will have a higher value than one made of silver. A coin’s design can also drive up or decrease its price. Designs closely tied to specific branches of the Armed Forces will typically have more worth than those more generic.

Additionally, the coin’s size can greatly impact its final per-coin price. A larger coin requires a larger die mold to be cast, which can increase the overall production cost. In addition, a large coin may also require more raw material than a smaller coin to produce. Polishing is crucial when it comes to a challenge coin’s final look. This step can help to prevent the coins from having a harsh finish and is usually done after coloring. During this step, the engraver can also examine the coin for errors during minting. This can include small cuts left behind during the coin’s stamping process. When finished, the engraver can clean up these imperfections to ensure the coin has a clean, polished appearance.


The plating on a challenge coin is an important step that can greatly impact the final price per coin. Different plating options can change the look of the coin and make it stand out from other challenge coins. For example, a dual-plated coin can have a brass base with a silver outer layer to create a unique look that combines the warm tones of the brass with the bright sheen of the silver. Another option is texturing, which can help make certain parts of the coin pop and give it a more defined look. The type of packaging you want the coins to come in can also significantly impact pricing.

Minimal packaging, like small plastic bags, is the cheapest option, but if you want the coins to come in more ornate presentation boxes, this will increase the cost per coin. While challenge coins have a long history with the military, they have also become increasingly popular in other areas. Companies, clubs, and other organizations have begun using them to recognize employees’ accomplishments, commitment and dedication to the company or cause. They are often used to honor those who have faced danger in the line of duty or served during a dangerous time or crisis. They are also given to celebrate events and milestones.

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