What a difference an election day makes. Before the election it would be understandable if your sentiment ran along the lines of:

The Conservative party are the only party that have the competency and expertise to provide strong and stable government that the country needs right now.

That sentiment would have been completely wrong, but very understandable. The party and the pundits were getting high on their own supply. Even to the point where anyone questioning a 100 seat majority in public was ridiculed. Fast forward to June 9th and examine the Conservative party record.

In the last 3 general elections they've managed to secure a majority in only one election and that was a meagre 12 seats. This is far from the all powerful, dominant Conservative party we heard about endlessly before the election.

Compare it to Labour under Tony Blair*: 2005 - 29 seat majority, 2001 - 87 seat majority, 1997 - 92 seat majority.

*This is not an endorsement of Tony Blair, just using those 3 elections for comparison.