Ever heard the advice, switch off your phone when on holiday? Don't read work emails, don't check social media, just unplug and unwind. It's becoming more and more fashionable as smart phones and social media become more all consuming in society.

Luckily Ryan Air are here to ensure you can't do that any more. They've introduced new check in rules that mean you must reconnect to the web while on your holiday. You can no longer check in up to 7 days before your flight, disrupting the usual flow of checking in to both the outbound and inbound flights at the same time. It's innovated that window down to 4 days, so you will have to log on to check in or pay a hefty €45 fee to print a piece of paper at the airport. No other airline charges you to check in at the airport.

I've just been stung by this. I'd like to be able to say: "I lost my phone, my mother's brother's son's wife died in a horrific paragliding accident and there was a terrorist incident on the beaches of the Algarve (unrelated to the paragliding accident)". In fact, in a demonstration of astounding moral flexibility worthy of the Ryan Air executive team, I said just that at the desk...

Always worth a try.

In reality I tried to check in a few times on my phone in the days leading up to flying out, the signal was a patchy and the app kept giving me an error, so I left it, and just never got it done.

All in all, fair play to Ryan Air, screwing the customer for every last €. You're entitled to it, because this is how capitalism works.

However we also live in a democracy so I'm going to call you wankers in my little corner of the internet and wait 17 years for the wheels of justice grind forward and rule the business practice of charging people €45 for printing a piece of paper illegal as it'll probably discriminate against poorer and elderly people. And then I'll send you a link to this article and this receipt to be repaid + interest.