I've had an Echo for 3 months now. I do like it. It does have one issue.

It's very difficult to have fine grained control over it.

I only bought it because I listen to a lot of audio books and Sonos doesn't have an integration with Audible.

Echo is great for around a half dozen commands I give it.

Alexa, play Spotify

Alexa, play [The wise man's fear from] Audible

Alexa, sleep timer, 30 minutes

Alexa, set an alarm, 7.30am

Alexa, play BBC Radio 4

Alexa, what's the weather today?

That's the actual order of commands I give Alexa in my bedtime/morning ritual.

Problems arise if you require any specificity. The other night a song by Hurts came on.

I like that song, and wanted to play the album, or top hits, I didn't really know, but just more Hurts was my goal.

Alexa, play Hurts from Spotify

The responses I got were:

I like that song, so I listened to it once.


Less than satisfying responses.

Navigation around an audio book is basically impossible.

Alexa, go to chapter eighty-eight

Chapter 74


 Alexa, go to chapter Eighty-Eight.

Chapter 90


Alexa, go to chapter EIGHTY. EIGHT

Chapter 63

Fuck you.

Other than that. I quite like my Echo, and looking forward to Sonos integrations so I can play Audio books but not navigate around them using my Sonos speakers.