5 Things You Should Know about Whippets

The recreational drug whippets, also referred to as “whippits” or “noz,” has been gaining popularity recently. Whippets drug refers to small steel cartridges or canisters filled with nitrous oxide gas that users inhale to get high. By inhaling this legal inhalant drug directly from the Whippets cartridge, the user experiences a very short-lived euphoric state lasting 1-3 minutes.

However, what many new users of this whippet drug don’t realize are the array of risks and dangers that come with nitrous oxide inhalant abuse. Whippet drug use carries some serious short-term and long-term consequences that users should be informed about before trying it recreationally.

Here are 5 key things you should know about the realities of using the legal high whippets drug.

1. The Immediate Effects: Brief Yet Intense

The allure of whippets lies in their ability to induce a rapid, euphoric high. This high is characterized by a burst of laughter, a sense of floating, and a distorted perception of sound. The effects, though short-lived, usually lasting just a minute or two, are intense. Users often describe a disconnection from reality, akin to a dream-like state.

2. Health Risks: More Than Just A Laughing Matter

The risks associated with whippet use are diverse and serious. Oxygen deprivation, a direct result of inhaling nitrous oxide, can lead to blackouts, hearing loss, and in extreme cases, brain damage or death. Chronic use can deplete vitamin B12 levels, causing long-term neurological issues. Additionally, the cold gas can freeze the mouth and airways, posing a risk of frostbite.

3. Legal Status: A Misleading Perception of Safety

Nitrous oxide’s legal status often leads to a dangerous underestimation of its risks. Available in various commercial and medical settings, its recreational misuse is overlooked. This legal availability should not be confused with safety, as the substance still poses significant health risks when abused.

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4. The Risk of Addiction and Dependency

While physical dependency on whippets is rare, psychological dependency is a real concern. Users may find themselves increasingly relying on substances to escape reality, manage stress, or feel joy. This psychological grip can lead to a cycle of continuous use, impacting mental health and quality of life.

5. Seeking Help: Recovery is Possible

For those grappling with the misuse of whippets, there is hope. Various treatment options, including therapy, support groups, and rehabilitation programs, offer pathways to recovery. These resources focus on addressing the underlying reasons for substance use, providing tools for coping and leading a healthier life.


While whippets may seem like an intriguing new inhalant drug to try recreationally, understanding the realities and serious risks surrounding whippets’ drug use is imperative. The instant high delivered by inhaling the whippets can lead people to underestimate the addictive nature and health consequences linked to the nitrous oxide legal high. By learning key facts about whippets use, like oxygen deprivation, risk of B12 deficiency and nerve damage, accidents and injuries, and the rapid building of addiction, individuals can make better-informed decisions regarding trying out this whippets drug recreationally.

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