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Website builders have made it easy to create a complete website without needing to learn coding. There are now many website builders with different templates and designs, some even tailored to specific needs like an e-Commerce store or blogging. These website-building tools are easy to use, affordable, and give you free-hand to be as creative as you want.

To design a website, you have two options. You can use provided templates and themes and get a direction to start. Or you can start from scratch and let your creativity shine. However, selecting a platform to do this on is the real question. There are several options available that we are going to explain in this list. Still, the main reason is that all these platforms provide complete website-building solutions, i.e., web hosting, domains, and editor. Also, all these platforms have reasonable monthly fees that you need to pay for full access.

So, you have to select one option based on cost, feasibility, features, and what the reviews say. Other than that, you will need a decent connection to maintain your website and see it grow. Yet, if you are starting just now, you may be tight on budget. So, it is wise to go for an affordable yet great solution – Mediacom internet. Visit here to see their internet bundles and details and choose what best fits your needs.

Now that everything is clear let’s head toward learning about the best online website builders.


Weebly is the top-rated drag-and-drop website builder with affordable prices, flexibility, and easy setup. You can start a whole business with the Weebly editor and even add shopping cart functionality. Moreover, Weebly gives you access to hundreds of styles and themes, to begin with, based on industry and niche. After choosing a design, you can proceed to add text boxes, buttons, and elements, but you have to stick to the grid. In addition, Weebly gives benefits in terms of storage and bandwidth and has features to get up on the radar through email and social marketing.

The best points of Weebly are that it’s easy to use, affordable, has unlimited bandwidth and storage, and has 300+ apps. But, it lacks customization and communication features. Still, at $6 a month, it is the top-best website builder.


GoDaddy has a simple and user-friendly interface. It will build you a website and set for customization with your personal touch. But you can also select a template and start off on your own. GoDaddy has a simple drag-and-drop editor with professional templates and classy designs. Moreover, it also offers domain and web hosting, site builder, and marketing and SEO tools.

GoDaddy has some amazing features, including AI designing and good value for money, but it lacks in customization and pricing. Lastly, it comes at $9.99 per month and serves quite well for a website builder.


Squarespace is among the most popular top-quality online website builders with great and useful features. You can create any website with Squarespace, be it an online store, portfolio, or small business. However, although Squarespace is easy to operate, it may take some time to master its menus and features.

Some great features of Squarespace include its stunning designs, handy features for e-Commerce stores, and a good quantity of apps. Yet, it falls behind in customization freedom and is more expensive than others in the field, but it is still a great option at $16 per month.  


Anyone who uses the internet regularly or browses it must have heard about Wix. It is a free-to-use drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create websites either from a template or from scratch, using the latest and top features and add-ons. Wix is also a great option for small businesses or those who just want to practice site-making.

The beneficial aspects of Wix are its free plan and easy-to-use features. And it also has one of the best chat support. On the contrary, the drawbacks include limited storage and no SEO or monitoring tools. Still, at $16 a month, Wix is great for every basic and advanced-level individual.


These are some of the best and easiest online website builders you can sign up for to start your business. However, to make it successful, you need to constantly work on it and keep your guard up. Also, you must update your website almost every day based on its category and monitor analytics to see where you need to improve.

Furthermore, you will need stable internet to be consistent, and for that, we recommend Spectrum internet for its wide availability and zero contracts policy. Click here to see all the details about the different internet packages of Spectrum and choose what you like best.

Lastly, remember that building a website is somewhat easy but maintaining it is the real deal that will take your blood and sweat to achieve. Still, it is not impossible but very much attainable through commitment and hard work.

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