Document Verification Service: Verify the Legitimacy of the Document

Document verification protects businesses against any kind of fraudulent activities. It assists businesses by keeping them away from uncertainty to meet the rules and regulations. Making fake documentation is wrong but stealing someone’s document and using it for illegal procedures on dark web marketplaces is even worse. It’s just like throwing dirt on someone’s name. According to the Statista Research Department if we check the price of an authentic Maltese Passport in 2021, then it was 6500 U.S$, and if talk about the average rate in European countries then it was 3800. 

Businesses not using online document verification services paved the way for increasing fraud cases globally. Here, the need for document verification arises, which gives aspiration to diverse businesses from digital data and identity scams. Document Verification is not only safeguarding online businesses from digital thefts but also creating a healthy bond of trust between the client and the business.

 Document Verification Service

Document verification includes validating all the bureaucratic, employment, and business documents to save businesses from digital identity thefts. Document verification can either be automated or physical, but this blog talks about online document verifications. Document verification safeguards companies from fraudulent methods like phishing and hacking. 

This process takes complete care of privacy and works as an on-premises solution. The client’s personal information is saved only on the document verification servers and the internet is given with no piece of the personal information. For example, if the client mentioned his cell phone number, residence, job location, and previous educational documents then only the business server to whom the client has given this information will have this information, not any other party is involved in this matter. This is how online document verification establishes trusted relationships.

The Procedure of Document Verification

Online document verification process in three steps: 

  1. Customer’s Verification Procedure

In this procedure of document verification, the customers have to scan their ID documents and send them to the company so that they can verify them. Additionally, the customer also sends his close picture to verify further whether the authenticity.

  1.  Checking Authenticity 

The solution checks for the authenticity of the documents that the customer has submitted and in that verification check the system has to co-relate both the identity document picture with the real one of the customer just to check the validity.

  1. Outcome of Document Checks

When the customer victoriously fulfills the requirements of the online document verification system, the outcome of the document checks is then sent to the customer.

Unacceptable Documents

Here are four kinds of documents that are not acceptable in the online document verification process:

  1. Illegal Documents

Illegal documents have no signature, pictures, or bureaucratic stamps on them. These documents are never accepted in the online document verification.

  1. Stolen Documents

The scammers mostly steal these documents for illegitimate purposes.

  1. Legal Documents

These documents are legitimate but the customer has altered his name, residence, and date of birth without concern about the legal laws.

  1. Identity Forgery

The validation of the customer is based on whether his given information is matched with the identity document the system has within it. This validation process assists online businesses to check their customers and to secure their operations from fraudulent activities.

Take Action, Stop forgery

In the starting month of 2023, there are a lot of people who are afraid to speak up for their data integrity if they become the victim of identity theft they remain silent, which gives the scammers a chance to do these fraudulent activities at a massive rate. To check the authenticity of a customer, you should first take them to the procedure of online document verification. This thing will make less of a chance of business decline and help in refuting your business over the internet.

Importance of Verifying Documents Online

Digital Service

In traditional times, people had to waste hefty amounts of money and time on the document verification process, but now the digital service has saved them money and time. It is now easier for today’s world to verify documents than in the past.

Digital Identity Theft Prevention

By verifying documents online, businesses are not just checking the validity of the new clients, but also they are saving their old client’s data from fraudsters.

Online Hiring Procedure

Online onboarding procedure has saved the time of a lot of candidates who are busy doing their daily activities. They can easily apply for a job through an online onboarding service where their documents are verified easily. The candidate can also check and edit the verified documents there. Through online verification, Businesses can also check if the candidate is a proper fit for your company or not. Digital on-boarding service also assists in knowing the age of the candidate it automatically rejects if the candidate’s age is lower or above the mentioned age in the requirements.

Stop Cybercrime

Document Verification assists you with stopping the massive rate of cybercrime through their AML (Anti Money-Laundering) and KYC (Know your Customer) services. 

Digital Platform for Validity 

Document Verification Service assists multiple industries, including banks, e-commerce, hospitals, real estate, traveling, and bureaucratic sectors. All these industries take the help of document verification services to find authentic clients for them. 

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