Emirates id Status Checking Method Easy Guide 2024

Emirates ID serves as the official identity card issued by the UAE Government for both citizens and residents. It is a mandatory requirement, and individuals in the UAE must undergo the application process to obtain their Emirates ID. This article aims to provide guidance on checking Emirates ID status, applying for a new Emirates ID, and the renewal process. Additionally, it addresses the common concern of Sharjah traffic fines and offers a straightforward method for checking and timely payment. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, worry not – simply follow the provided article Sharjah traffic fines to access comprehensive details on viewing your Sharjah traffic fines and ensuring timely settlement.

What is Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID, a crucial document issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, is a legal necessity for all citizens and residents in the UAE. Obtained alongside your residency visa, this document serves various essential purposes, including renting an apartment, sponsoring dependents under your visa, facilitating smooth immigration processes, participating in Federal National Council elections, and applying for a range of government services such as DEWA. It is mandatory to possess and carry the Emirates ID at all times in accordance with UAE regulations.

How to Check Emirates ID Status

If you’ve recently applied for a new Emirates ID or renewed your existing one, keeping track of your Emirates ID application status is a straightforward process that you can conveniently manage online. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to check your Emirates ID card status:

Begin by visiting the emirates id status guidelines blog, where you can find comprehensive information and steps related to checking your Emirates ID status.

Explore the provided guidelines and follow the detailed steps outlined in the blog. The instructions will walk you through the process of tracking your Emirates ID application status.

After reading and completing all the guidelines on the blog, you’ll effortlessly view your Emirates ID status directly on your home screen. The blog is dedicated entirely to Emirates ID status, providing all the necessary details about your ID status and other official services in the UAE.

In case you encounter any issues while checking your Emirates ID status, you can seek assistance by reaching out to the provided contact information. The website is accessible 24/7, allowing you to check your Emirates ID status at your convenience, from anywhere. To directly inquire about the status of your Emirates ID, you can contact the authorities by dialing 600 522222 from your mobile phone. They will promptly provide you with the precise status of your Emirates ID.

How to Apply for an Emirates ID?

To obtain an Emirates ID, it is imperative to initiate the application process concurrently with applying for a UAE visa. Typically, the cost of the Emirates ID is encompassed within the UAE residence visa fees, especially when facilitated through a business setup consultancy. The visa expenses may fluctuate, ranging between 2500 AED to 7000 AED, contingent on the emirate and the issuing authority.

Follow the prescribed procedures outlined below to complete the Emirates ID application:

Application for an Entry Permit:

  • Obtain an entry permit, a mandatory step facilitated for individuals owning a company with a business setup in the UAE or being an employee hired by a UAE-based company. The entry permit, an electronic document, remains valid for sixty (60) days from the issuance date. Within this period, undergo a comprehensive medical examination and proceed with the Emirates ID application. Following the medical clearance, officials will affix a resident visa on your passport.

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Medical Check-up:

  • A vital aspect of the Emirates ID acquisition involves a thorough medical check-up. Conduct this examination promptly after receiving the entry permit, encompassing tests for tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and AIDS. Favorable test results allow the progression of the application process. However, if potential health issues arise, further tests may be required for confirmation. In the event of a medical certificate indicating the likelihood of specified diseases, eligibility for a resident visa in the UAE is compromised.

Application for Emirates ID:

  • Visit any Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship office to apply for the Emirates ID. Many of these offices strategically locate near Preventive Medicine centers to expedite the application process. Officials will capture eye scans and fingerprints during the application, saving this data for future processes such as renewal or obtaining a replacement Emirates ID.

UAE Visa Stamping:

  • The conclusive step involves the stamping of the UAE visa into your passport. The typical validity of these visas spans around three (3) years. However, some zones and areas may offer a two-year visa duration.

Validity of Emirates ID:

  • The validation period of your Emirates ID aligns with the validity of your UAE visa. If your visa holds a three-year validity, your Emirates ID will also be valid for the same duration.

Emirates ID costs

The costs associated with Emirates ID vary depending on the chosen validity duration. When submitting an application, it is crucial to align the ID’s validity with that of your visa. The fee structure is as follows:

1 Year170 AED
2 Years270 AED
3 Years370 AED

Ensure that the selected validity period matches your visa duration when applying for an Emirates ID. The typical processing time for receiving your Emirates ID card after visa stamping is 7-10 days.

Emirates ID Renewal:

Emirates ID renewal is permissible within 30 days from the expiry date. After this period, a daily fine of 20 AED is applicable, with a maximum cap of AED 1,000. FAIC sends SMS notifications as renewal reminders. Renewal applications can be submitted at accredited typing centers or online via the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website. Early renewal is possible before the expiration date.

  • UAE nationals can renew their Emirates ID 1-6 months before expiry.
  • UAE residence visa holders can apply for renewal when their visa is renewed or reissued.

Cancelling Emirates ID:

Residents can cancel their Emirates ID when leaving the country or changing jobs. Hand over your ID cards to the respective General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Validity of an Existing Emirates ID/Visa:

For UAE nationals, Emirates ID is valid for 5 to 10 years. For others, the Emirates ID is valid for the same duration as the associated visa.

Lost or Stolen Emirates ID:

If you lose your Emirates ID or it gets stolen, follow these steps for replacement:

  • Report the loss at an ICA Customer Happiness Centre to deactivate the lost Emirates ID.
  • Complete an application form at ICA’s Customer Happiness Centres.
  • Pay AED 300 for the replacement, including application fees.
  • Receive a text message from ICA. ID cards are issued within 48 hours of the replacement application.

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