Exploring the Benefits of Using Orange Bible Curriculum in Sunday School

Known for its popular family ministry conference and kids’ church curriculum, Orange offers a variety of resources for children’s ministry. Specifically, they offer a weekly Orange Bible Curriculum used by churches of all sizes.

Their unique curriculum strengthens church-home relationships by synchronizing the two critical influences in a child’s life. It is done by combining age-appropriate content with God’s word.


The Orange Bible curriculum takes a biblical worldview approach to how kids and teens learn. The curriculum focuses on biblical themes that make the Bible relevant to today’s culture. The curriculum also emphasizes small groups, and it helps build strong relationships between kids and adults.

Another unique feature of Orange is its focus on family devotion. The curriculum teaches children and parents the same lessons in age-appropriate formats and encourages families to have family devotions together at home. It is a great way to reinforce the messages learned in church.

The curriculum is flexible and customizable to fit a church’s unique needs. The curriculum is designed to teach kids how to apply the Bible to their lives, and it teaches them to be disciples who serve Christ.

The curriculum is designed to help kids and their families grow in faith and love. It is available for preschoolers through elementary school and features a full range of teaching resources. Its interdisciplinary approach to learning allows students of all ages to grow in faith and have fun while doing it.

Social-emotional learning (SEL)

SEL skills are crucial for students’ well-being and are often overlooked in the educational curriculum. These skills are necessary for students to become resilient and can be taught in various ways. SEL can be incorporated into any lesson plan, whether a teacher is helping students manage their emotions, building positive relationships, or understanding how their actions can affect others.

For example, a teacher could ask students to think about what they would do if they saw Saul on the road to Damascus and had no idea how he got blinded. They could then discuss how he must have felt and how he must have responded. It helps students understand the importance of social-emotional awareness and develop empathy for those around them.

A teacher can also incorporate SEL into the classroom by creating a supportive student environment. Students who are comfortable in their classrooms are more likely to feel successful and engaged, which can lead to better academic outcomes. Additionally, a supportive classroom can reduce bullying and emotional distress, as students are more confident in their ability to succeed.

Orange is a Christian curriculum that offers a wide range of Bible resources for children from birth through 5th grade and even youth ministry materials for teens. They use 21st-century technology to connect kids with their families, providing everything from customized lesson plans to storytelling visuals, drama sketches, music videos, social media, and more. The name “Orange” reflects their strategy to bring together the influence of home and church (like parents and ministry leaders) to impact a child’s life.

Lessons for each age group

Orange’s curriculum is designed with child development experts and experienced church leaders in mind. It meets kids where they are in their lives, helping them see God for who he is. It enables them to have a meaningful relationship with him grounded in biblical understanding. Orange uses the concepts of wonder, discovery, and passion to teach students about God and help them find their unique ways to love others.

One of the essential things distinguishing Orange from other bible curricula is its focus on family ministry. It believes that parents are the most influential people in a kid’s life, and they need to be involved in their religious education. It is why it provides free parenting apps and a ministry resource network to help parents develop spiritual habits.

The organization’s name reflects its strategy: Orange is the color that symbolizes the combination of two critical influences in a child’s life – the church and home. The idea is that when these two influences combine, they make a more enormous impact than either influence alone.

Churches of all sizes, localities, and denominations use the Orange Bible curriculum to help kids build their faith roots. In addition to their curriculum, they also provide events and digital ministry training for their kids’ ministries. They even have an app for parents that synchronizes with the weekly lesson so they can continue these discussions at home.

Leader Resources

Orange offers a variety of children’s ministry resources. Their curriculum is used by thousands of churches, including The Salvation Army. Their resources help to engage kids and encourage parents to participate in Sunday school. Their event experiences and digital ministry training also provide helpful tools for church leaders.

Their name is derived from the color orange, which represents the combination of two critical influences in a child’s life: The light of the church and the love of the home. When these two influences work together, they can create a more vibrant impact than either one could alone. This philosophy is what sets Orange apart from other church curriculums.

They have a series of age-specific curricula, including First Look (preschool), 252 Kids, and XP3 Middle School. These curricula use story-based lesson structures, including easy-to-use leader resources, creative family support pieces, and engaging activities. They also offer an online subscription to DWELL Digital, which allows church leaders to work from anywhere on any device, anytime.

An Orange app also helps church leaders stay organized and connect with parents on a deeper level. Orange also hosts an annual conference for kids’ ministry leaders, an excellent opportunity for churches to get inspired and learn from others. Whether you’re looking for a new way to reach children or want to improve your existing ministry, the Orange Bible curriculum can be a valuable tool.

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