Fun Ideas for a Road Trip with Kids

Having a road trip with kids sounds like having more fun and entertaining. However, the fact is not the same usually. Being parents there are various challenges to face while travelling with your kids in a car. Firstly, to handle the kids in a car for a long drive is a great task. Moreover, arranging the snacks, drinks and other foods for them is also very challenging. Furthermore, an organized trip with kids is rarely possible.

Thinking about these difficulties, we have enlisted some amazing ideas and hacks for you. These will helps you to get prepared for an organized and planned road trip with your Kids. Moreover, we will guide to have best snacks and activities to encourage the kids for well-organized behavior in the car.

There are some activities to keep your child busy in the car.

  1. Activity Books

The Activity Books are the best to keep your kids busy. You should always keep these with you whether you are on the trip or waiting for food or staying in a hotel room. The best thing is that they are easily portable, and educational.  There are books available for all age groups and for every level. Some of these are; Sticker Activity Book, Water Wow!, My Book of Easy Mazes, Stamp Markers and Activity Pad etc.

  • Trivia Games

Having a trivia game with your kids during a road trip makes the journey more fun. It will help to boost your kids mind and make it sharper. Moreover, the trivia questions and answers will increase their knowledge. There are various trivia game apps as well as websites from which you can have the best trivia questions.  You can choose your favorite category depending on your kid’s interest such as sports, science, history, movies, cartoons etc.

  • Don’t Say It

This is a very simple and interesting game to play with your kids in the car or in the hotel room. In the game you have to pick one word the kids use often such as but, that is why, because, really. After choosing the word, ban the kids to use it for a specific time duration. In the particular time, if they say the word a point would be deducted from his/her score.

The kid with highest score will definitely win the game and the looser will get a punishment as well in the form of doing a task or home chore such as throwing the garbage in the bin, filling the water bottles etc.

Now, here are some hacks or ideas to have an organized trip.

  • Road Trip Kit

A road trip kit is the most necessary item to have a safe and clean trip with the kids. There are two type of kits required in the car. The first one is for an emergency car kit in which items such as a flashlight, batteries, an umbrella, a tire inflator, and jumper cables are required.

Moreover, the other kit is for the kids and the basic items to be included in this kit are tissues, napkins, trash bags, cleaning wipes, medicines and sanitizers.

  • Organizers

To organize the thing properly, you can take help of different organizers. We found some of them during our research for you. The first one is the seat back organizer, you can keep the things your kids want most often (water bottles, tablet, coloring books, toys etc.) in the seat back organizer.

The next one is an organizer that looks like a tray table. It not only organize the things but also gives the kids an area to draw or write something they want. Moreover, a shoe organizer can be a good option for organizing the things you want to reach easily.

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