Make Custom Wooden Pins With Your Company Logo

If you are looking for a way to promote your company, one of the ways is by having custom wooden pins made with your company logo on them. This gives your business a unique, eco-friendly spin on a traditional pin. Here we will explain how you can make custom wooden pins with your company logo. So keep reading so you can order custom wooden pins for your company. 

Custom Wooden Pins With Your Company Logo

Creating custom wooden pins with your company logo is a great way to advertise your business. You can create these pins yourself with simple tools and creative thinking. Add your logo to a wooden pin, and you’ll have a fashion accessory that stands out from the crowd! Not only do these custom pins look great, but they also capture a sense of quirky sophistication that will make an impression on customers.

At Vograce, creating custom wooden pins is a labor of love. You can send them the file of your design in which you want to get your wooden pins. You can know the file requirements from their online website. After making the zip file with their requirements, you can upload it on their website while ordering the specific product. With intricate cuts and detailed designs, the company uses the best laser technology to turn your logo into an etched masterpiece. For each custom pin order, designers accurately transfer the artwork onto durable cherrywood pieces and cut away any excess material from the design to create a unique piece with sharp edges and detailed lines. 

After cutting, the pieces are hand-sanded to bring out each line and edge before they are meticulously painted in colors that match your branding vision. Finally, protective finishes are applied so your gorgeous pins will withstand everyday wear and tear. Vograce takes pride in ensuring every customer looks good with personalized pins!

Shapes available

These include plain and dowel, table, rolling, and glue pins. Among the different shapes available are rectangular, square, and multi-groove styles. The sizes range from 1 inch to 5 inches in length. In addition, there are a variety of finishes to choose from. Some of the finishes include gold, bronze, silver, and antique.

Wooden pins are made of natural materials, so they resist the elements. You can wear them indoors or outdoors; they’ll hold up well. Those interested in collecting can also find wooden pins a good deal. Aside from that, they’re a fun and practical gift.

While these pins may be too expensive, they’re very affordable. The price per pin is typically less than $5. Moreover, they’re 100% customizable, so you can make them to any size or shape you like. And they’re also completely free of set-up charges.

When you’re ready to promote your business with custom wooden pins, contact the vograce Pin factory through their website. They’ll work with you to create your ideal pins and provide a free design process. 

Eco-friendly wooden pins 

As the green movement gains steam, companies are taking note. Companies like Vograce are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint by offering eco-friendly products and services. These include recycled wooden pins, pens, and custom wooden plaques. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they are also reasonably priced. Plus, you can choose from a large selection of customizable colors and fonts.

 Whether in the market for something for yourself or a swag bag, you can’t go wrong with a quality pin from the Vograce. You can even order a pin for your favorite friend or have them customized for a loved one or a favorite colleague. A star clutch pin back is included as well.

A standard lapel pin has been around for centuries. However, in recent years, the wooden pin has gotten a makeover. With the advent of biodegradable materials and recycled metals, a pin made from wood can last. The material is also environmentally friendly, with a minimum of 67% post-consumer waste recycled iron used in manufacturing. Combined with a high grade finish, your pin will be a showstopper for years. This is especially true if you opt for the gold finish.

Custom wooden pin Finishing options

They’re ideal for trade shows, and networking events and a great way to advertise your company. There are a variety of finishes to choose from, for example, a Gold, Bronze, or silver finish. You can even opt for a polished finish. You can get a recessed enamel finish for a fine-line look if you’re looking for more options.

The key is to find a reliable manufacturer. A reputable company will gladly send you a sample before you order. Also, you should take a look at their website. They should have a design area that you can use to create your customized pin.

Before you start creating your design, you should make sure that you have the backing card ready. The backing card should include the design specifications. It should also list the size and color limits. In addition, it should include a bleed area, meaning the design will be on the front of the pin but won’t show on the back.

When choosing your design, you must consider whether you’d prefer a hard or soft enamel pin. Hard enamel pins are more durable but more expensive; however, they are great for every type of use. 

Final Words 

In this post, we have told you about wooden pins with custom company logos. They are best for every type of company. You can also order wood standee with your company logo. If you are a car business owner or something else, you should get these pins so people can know about your business. For making a company’s custom logo, you’ll want to look at various manufacturers to find one that offers the best value. Remember to check Vograce’s website before you order. As an extra bonus, these items can become collector’s items when given away regularly. The possibilities of creating the perfect wooden pin with your logo are endless and sure to draw attention.

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