Tips and Tricks for New Players in Punishing Gray Raven

The all-new 3D-stage Hack-and-Slash Action Game Punishing Gray Raven, developed by Kuro Games, is set in a Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic World and is making waves with its latest content and gameplay! However, some aspects of the game are daunting for new players, and while Kuro Games, the game’s developer, does its best to explain the basics at full length, it is still not extensive.

The game has a lot of mechanics to learn, and newcomers may become disoriented or even have confusion about which banners to use. Fret not; this guide here has you covered what will make your first experience a breeze. Before that, be sure to check out the PGR Shop here at U7BUY, where you can purchase frames, Punishing Gray Raven characters, and miscellaneous items that can grant you an edge in your gameplay.

Let us now explore this guide in full detail, and it should make new commandants to be acquainted with Punishing Gray Raven.

Different Parts of the Main Menu Screen

First and foremost, players must associate themselves with the Main Menu screen, which has a lot of information for any normal individual to process. Start by looking at the main menu, which is the core hub, where you can access many features.

If you click on the Battle Tab, you will be taken to the Battle Screen, where you can select various combat-related events that are both optional and permanent. You can also access the Story Mode from the Battle Tab.

Another area to explore is The Guide, which can be accessed by clicking on the small sphere at the bottom screen. This was implemented on the newest patch that would help newcomers with setting up the game and completing a set of 49 missions, gives you a lot of draws, a free S-rank Character, and a Weapon Selector.

The Items tab helps you check the items you collect via event tokens, character upgrade materials, weapons, etc. The Members tab is important since it helps you check what set of Punishing Gray Raven characters you have and customize them to your liking.

Next is the R&D Tab, which displays the numerous banners available and features several PGR characters and their weapons. The premium in-game currency, known as Black Cards, and the free tickets that you receive can be used to buy Punishing Gray Raven characters from here. If you are looking to top-up your Black Cards, you visit the link here:-

Story Outline

The story of Punishing Gray Raven is presented in a Visual Novel format. The plot has been divided into various chapters, which are updated with every new patch that Kuro Games PGR releases. The Chapters explain the main scenario of Punishing Gray Raven, where you assume the role of a Commandant leading the elite squadron of Gray Raven with three battle-hardened soldiers under your command. They are Lucia, Liv, and Lee. Each character’s backstory is told via Interludes, and they are minor side-chapters that provide depth and personality to the character and help you understand their motivation in Punishing Gray Raven.

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