What are the 3 Ways to Score in Pickleball?

If you’re new to the exhilarating world of pickleball or looking to sharpen your skills, understanding how to score points is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the three fundamental ways to score in pickleball. From serves to volleys, we’ll delve into the strategies, techniques, and insights that will help you win points effectively. So, let’s get started and uncover the secrets to scoring in pickleball!

The Power of a Strong Serve

In pickleball, it all begins with the serve. A strong serve can immediately put pressure on your opponents and set the tone for the point. We’ll explore different types of serves, techniques, and how to make your serve a weapon.

Strategies for the Perfect Return

Returning the service is equally important. We’ll delve into strategies for returning serves, including positioning, grip, and placement to ensure you can effectively set up your team to score.

Winning Points with Volleys

Volleying is a critical aspect of pickleball scoring. We’ll discuss the key techniques for successful volleys, including grip, positioning, and reaction time.

Mastering the Art of Drinking

Dinking is all about finesse. Discover how to control the pace of the game, engage in soft exchanges at the net, and set up your opponents for the perfect moment to strike.

Scoring with Smashes

When the opportunity arises, a well-executed smash can be a game-changer. Learn the right timing, technique, and placement for smashes that lead to points.

Outsmarting Your Opponents with Lobs

Lobs can be a strategic weapon to catch your opponents off guard. We’ll explore when and how to use lobs effectively, creating opportunities for scoring.

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Strategies for Serving and Receiving in Doubles

Doublesplay brings unique strategies for scoring. Understand the roles of each player, including the server, and receiver, and the importance of teamwork.

Mind Games: The Psychological Aspect of Scoring

Scoring points in pickleball isn’t just about physical skills; it’s also a mental game. We’ll explore the psychology of scoring, including focus, resilience, and staying calm under pressure.

Pickleball Scorekeeping

Effective scorekeeping is essential to keep track of the game. We’ll explain the scoring system, the importance of accuracy, and how to maintain clear communication with your partner.

Learn from the Pros

Gain insights from professional pickleball players who share their experiences and tips for scoring in this thrilling sport.


Q 1: What are the different scoring methods in pickleball?

In pickleball, there are three ways to score points: by serving and winning the rally, by causing your opponent to fault, or by winning the rally as the receiving team. Each of these methods involves specific rules and strategies.

Q 2: How do I improve my serving to score more points?

Serving effectively is crucial for scoring in pickleball. Focus on your toss, placement, and spin. Practice different types of serves to keep your opponents off balance and increase your scoring opportunities.

Q 3: What’s the secret to successful volleys in pickleball?

Successful volleys require quick reflexes, proper technique, and precise control. Mastering the art of volleys involves practice and understanding when to be aggressive and when to play it safe.

Q 4: How can I develop my dinking skills for effective scoring?

Dinking skills are developed through consistent practice. Work on control, soft touch, and the ability to place the ball strategically. Dinking can set up scoring opportunities by creating confusion for your opponents.

Q 5: When and how should I use smashes to score points?

Smashes are effective when the ball is high and within your reach. The key is to strike with power and precision. Smashes are often used to create winning opportunities during the game.

Q 6: What’s the strategy behind using lobs to score in pickleball?

Lobs are a strategic play, often used to catch your opponents off guard when they’re at the net. Use lobs sparingly and with precision to set up scoring opportunities and gain the upper hand.


You’ve reached the end of our journey through the three fundamental ways to score in pickleball. We’ve explored the power of serving, returning, volleys, dinking, smashes, lobs, and the mental game. Remember that scoring in pickleball is not just about technique but also about strategy and psychology. Keep practicing, learning, and applying these insights to score more effectively in this dynamic sport.

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