Where to Buy a Reliable Used Rivian R1S

The 2023 Rivian R1S is an all-electric SUV with a 316-mile EPA-rated range and off-road severe abilities. It rolls in blissful near-silence and exhibits remarkable composure and dead-flat handling.

Its upscale cabin and luxury features will silence any EV naysayers. Its quad-motor powertrain delivers a 0-60 time of under three seconds.


Purchasing a new car may be difficult if you have to choose from many vehicles. Consequently, it can be beneficial to go into the encounter prepared. In this manner, you can steer clear of problems and arrive at a wise choice. This is especially true while selecting the most dependable American automobiles. Thankfully, there are a few options for doing this, such as visiting an auto dealership or researching the best places where to buy a used Rivian R1S before making a purchase.

Rivian is a brand-new business with an intriguing idea and distinctive qualities. The company’s SUV is a cutting-edge electric vehicle with impressive acceleration and off-road capabilities without sacrificing comfort or luxury. Its innovative technology and stylish designs have made a name for itself, but it may need help competing with established automakers.

The Rivian R1S’s 316-mile driving range is sure to silence EV naysayers, and its quad-motor powertrain makes it one of the most powerful SUVs on sale. The SUV also has air suspension and a torque vectoring system that constantly adjusts the thrust sent to each wheel, providing better handling on and off-road.

Despite its premium price tag, the R1S is still a great value. For instance, the 2023 Rivian R1S Adventure with a large battery pack costs $92,000, about $36,000 less than a Mercedes EQS SUV with decidedly lesser performance, cargo space, and off-road capability.

While the used market for the R1S is relatively tiny, buyers will likely get a good deal on the SUV as it becomes more popular. However, it is essential to remember that this type of vehicle will be a significant investment, so you should do your homework and consider all your options before purchasing. It includes researching car insurance rates for the model you’re considering and discovering its long-term reliability.

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Private Sellers

The Rivian R1S SUV gives this California-based startup a three-row vehicle that should appeal to a much wider audience than its previous model, the R1T pickup truck. Its combination of on-road performance, off-road capability, and thoughtful design is remarkable, especially for a first effort from a new automaker.

Its price is also hard to beat. While the dual-motor version starts at $78,000 with a small battery pack and 260 miles of range, it’s still less than a BMW iX with two rows of seats and limited off-road ability or a Mercedes EQS SUV with more luxurious appointments but no third-row and far worse fuel economy.

For buyers willing to forgo a traditional dealer experience and pay a private seller’s asking price, the R1S can be an excellent choice. Its cutting-edge electric technology, impressive acceleration, and off-road capability are all very appealing. According to owners and early reviews, it’s also reliable.

Unlike the Tesla supercharger network, Rivian offers a fast DC public charging network that can add 100 miles of range in 20 minutes. The R1S’s regenerative braking is strong enough for one-pedal driving, and its conserve drive mode deactivates the rear motors for a calmer experience. The standard driver+ system provides adaptive cruise control, highway assist (with automated steering, braking, and acceleration), blind spot monitoring, assisted lane changes, and automatic high beams.

Rivian’s interior is well-appointed and comfortable, featuring vegan leather and optional ash wood accents. The infotainment system has horizontal expandable tiles for features that reduce the amount of swiping and scrolling required to use most functions. A navigation system, a wireless phone charger, and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant are all standard.

Its cargo capacity is generous, with ample room for luggage and gear. The R1S is quiet and has a smooth ride, thanks to its air suspension. A large glass roof floods the cabin with light, and its sleek exterior styling is attractive without being overly aggressive. It’s available in many colors, including black, red, and gray.


The Rivian R1S is a groundbreaking electric SUV with an impressive range, a potent quad-motor powertrain, and a luxurious interior. The vehicle has been lauded for its ability to silence EV naysayers and inspire new customers to try electric vehicles.

The R1S is the second model in Rivian’s lineup, following the Rivian R1T pickup truck. The company’s flagship SUV features an off-road focus and a seven-passenger seating capacity. Its 310-mile range and robust performance make it an ideal companion for any adventure.

Due to production snags and high demand, Rivian’s SUV has made it difficult to purchase new. However, some lucky buyers have managed to snag the SUV on the used market. The R1S’s starting price of $78,000 might seem steep, but it is far less than the cost of a comparable luxury vehicle.

The last few Rivian SUVs sold at these sites have come below MSRP, including the buyer’s fees. It is a good sign that the market is cooling down, and it could be a great opportunity to skip the long wait for an R1S. You can also find pre-owned Rivians at private auctions, usually at private sellers’ homes. These events are similar to traditional estate auctions, featuring various assets, including cars. The seller will often provide a preview period for potential bidders to inspect the goods before the auction begins.


The Rivian R1S’s sculpted silhouette, clamshell-style tailgate, and dual display screens set it apart from other SUVs. The SUV’s unique design also draws comparisons to Range Rover, though the Rivian’s round-eye LED lights and friendly face counter some of that vehicle’s visual aggression. The progressive interior uses low-gloss wood from reclaimed timber and handsomely sculpted seats. A pair of display screens handles infotainment and navigation.

Rivian’s quad-motor design focuses power on the wheels that need it, increasing efficiency and handling. The Rivian R1S comes with a 310-mile battery pack as standard, although the company offers a more expensive max variant with 400 miles of driving range. The car can be recharged at a 200-kW rate at fast DC public stations for an 80% charge in about an hour.

Users can upgrade the Rivian R1S with optional features, including camp mode, pet mode, and soft sand or snow driving modes. The car also includes the camera-and-sensor heavy driver+ system, with active safety features such as adaptive cruise control, highway assist (automatic steering, braking, and acceleration), assisted lane changes, and automatic high beams.

The Rivian’s price tag is hefty, but the EV has some enticing financing options.

Rivian is still working to boost production of the R1T and R1S, but buyers still need to start scooping up the vehicles on the secondary market. The company has seen an enormous spike in demand for its electric SUVs this year, leading to long wait lists and sky-high prices on the used market.

When purchasing a used Rivian, it’s essential to research the car’s reliability history. The best option may be to opt for a later model that has benefited from the automaker’s learning experiences with its earlier offerings. A used Rivian is an investment, so choosing the right car for your needs and budget is critical. Be sure to compare your financing options, and remember to factor in any additional costs like state and federal registration fees, destination charges, and dealer add-ons.

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